Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Quiet Room Chair

If I count correctly, today is my 7th PET scan since being diagnosed with melanoma in 2011. And as I'm sitting here in the Quiet Room waiting for this radioactive stuff to meander through my veins and attach itself to anything cancerous, it occurred to me...who else has been in this chair?  Do they come alone?  Do they bring a friend or family member?  Do they sit and worry or read and try not to think about what could be?  I tend to use my time here to reflect. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I read. And I wonder about those other people. How they're doing. Whether they're afraid. Whether they're NED (hope so)!

My dermatologist recently shared with me that she has a melanoma patient who still tans. In a tanning bed. Mind blowing right?  Most of us are fighting for our very lives and this fool is basically committing suicide by tanning bed. Ugh. Makes me nuts. 

Anyway, I think tonight when I hit the pillow I'll say a prayer for him, and all the other people who've been in this chair in the Quiet Room. 

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