Saturday, May 4, 2013

On Generosity, Kindness...and being Grateful

Having cancer sucks.  It just plain does.  I'm not is what it is, and I'll deal with it.  Just stating a fact.  But here's my problem, or one of them anyway.  I've always had a problem with Superwoman syndrome.  I can do it.  No matter what else is on my plate, I can do it.  You need me to _____?  Sure!  No problem.  Of course!  Well, having this stinking melanoma has changed that for me.  I have had to admit and accept  (boy, that's hard) that I can't do it all, especially around the house.

I was never Suzy Homemaker in the first place.  I'd rather play with the kids or watch TV or work on some project that I'll probably never finish, than take care of the house.  It's not dirty...just a tad messy.  It always needs picking up.  And having stupid cancer hasn't helped that situation.  While I was doing Interferon it was damn hard to do anything, let alone any big projects.  

So when my friends found out recently that my brain MRI showed the stupid melanoma had taken up residence in my head, they did some really nice things for my family and me.  I won't say what or who (you know who you are).  But I will say just how grateful I am for those people, and for their generosity and kindness.  You've made my life a little easier, and for that I am very, very grateful.