Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yanked Back to Reality.....

So, I was reminded this week with a little slap in the face that I still have melanoma, and that I always will.  In spite of the fact that I feel great since I finished my Interferon therapy a little over a month ago, that damn melanoma yanked me right back to reality on Monday.  

I went in for my regular 3 month visit with my dermatologist (a fabulous dermatologist, BTW).  All was great until I realized she was intently studying a mole on the right side of my torso.  Rut-roh.  Until now, I had a few things removed but they weren't moles and they were at my request...cosmetic stuff.  Like I said...until now.  She studied it with her little magnifying glass thingy and pronounced that while she didn't think it was melanoma she wanted to remove it anyway since it was a little dimpled in the center.  6 mm punch please.  It was a piece o' cake, really.  The stitches hurt more now than what she did.  

The problem was after that.  Why?  Because now we play the waiting game for biopsy results.  Every time the phone rang, I practically did the "Exorcist" move to see if it was her number.  On pins and needles for a couple of days, but being very busy at work and home helped. 

My derm. of the year candidate called today and said it was benign.  PHEW!  Dodged a bullet.  Thank God!

The cutest part of this whole thing was my husband.  If he knew I was putting this into my post, he'd kill me but I'm doing it anyway.  A friend of ours had a mass of some kind removed a few years ago.  He got a call from his doctor that it was benign, but he heard "anine."  So, when I got my good news this morning I sent my hubby a text that said "It's anine."  He sent one back that said "You're aten."  God, how I love him.

Anyway, please people (and I know I have a very small audience)...CHECK YOUR SKIN!  Don't let your guard down now just because Summer is over.  You need sunscreen every day YEAR ROUND.  Love to all!

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